Our Panel Of Experts

Mr. Tom Cox: with six decades of experience in oil field and specialization in corrosion control

Mr. Steve bruce Fry: One of the most respected drilling fluid professionals with almost five decades of standing in oil field, a globally recognized and acknowledged drilling fluid personnel.

Mr. Oddgier Holland:  Highly Experienced drilling fluid professional with wide exposure to drilling operations in varied geographical areas for last over three decades

Biswajit chakraborthy:  Vast knowledge of drilling, a core drilling engineering manager with several portfolios to his credit and has served the industry in various senior positions for the last 36 years

M/S Deepika Buddhiraja: Experienced cement slurry design expert with more than a decade’s experience.

In addition to it, the firm has active support of many young and sharp marketing as well as technical representatives to explore the potential of new business openings all over the globe.

Dr. B.B.Singh: Legal advisor:

IPR Attorney, scientific advisor and Advocate high court Mumbai

Swati Dhariwal: IT advisor/consultant

Mr.Jim pazos S. Bruce Fry

Dr. Pradip jadhav

Dr. rakesh Vij

Dr. Sunil Sharma Mr. M. Khanzode

Mr. Kishan Pal

Mr. Surendra Prasad

Mr. John Mc Bain

Mr. Greggory Gibbons

Mr. Shyamal Budhdev

Mr. terry Benoit

Mr.Avinash Dulip

M/S Trissa Joseph Mr. Stan Alford

Mr. Eric Villepreux

Mr. Mauricio Fico

Dr. Ramesh Babu


Mr. Ali Bedad

Mr. Les Skinner

Mr. Kjell Overevik