Our services

We cover entire mud engineering aspects.

Although ultra-deep water and deep-water drilling fluid engineering  operations management is our strong forte, but we accept all assignments related to drilling fluid engineering. Just to narrate, following consultancy services are being listed

 Access to our laboratory for testing of drilling fluids for intentions as defined by clients

Our dedicated lab service is always available to clients enabling them to conduct formulation tests and remedial measure pilot tests from mud sample sourced from their own place of choice. Alternatively we do suggest fool-proof system to provide full lab support during on-going operations.

Assessing suitability of various products for their possible deployment in drilling fluids formulation

This is a sort of unique process developed by us, by virtue of which we pick up samples from clients and design mud in our lab to be tested under conditions suggested by client for getting an advanced intimation whether or not the products selection is correct for intended purpose. This has potential to save actual problem/s arising out of use of inappropriate combination of additives.

Developing new products

Our dedicated team of experts with long standing experience in oil field put in their best creative ideas together to develop new value added products. We have to our credit few products already developed by us, the details of which can be found in completed and on-going projects. We also strive to find novel application/s to existing products if techno-commercially feasible.

Conducting mud school at client’s premises

Our experienced advisors as well as associates along with our core team of experts conduct mud school for beginners as well as conduct training programmes for middle management to sharpen their drilling fluids skill and extract its benefits in field by implementing the lessons learnt.

Preparing SOW for floating tender for drilling fluid services

Prior to floating tender we closely liaise with clients to completely understand their need and expectation and accordingly frame the technical content of the scope of work for not leaving anything to chance or no ambiguity creeping in due to incorrect technical write up.

Technical evaluation of bids

We offer our services for technical evaluation of bids received by our clients from their service provider/s to provide a complete professional and impartial judgement solely focussing on providing technical judgement which works in the best interest of our clients. We do not get into commercial aspects of the bid and our recommendations are purely on technical merit of the submission.

QA/QC analysis of drilling fluid additives

This is a back-up type of service we offer in which we draw a plan to monitor the quality of additives being used by clients to ensure that no spurious additive ever gets used up and thus safeguard operational excellence
Technical evaluation of bids of drilling fluid engineering services.
We undertake evaluation of technical content of bid by facilitating neutral and transparent evaluation of the claims submitted to our clients by their mud service provider. It is a sort of third party independent QA/QC check measure to ensure correct value for money being spent

Operations management of drilling fluids

Apart from it a comparatively narrow spectrum of continuous process of managing the mud during ongoing rig operations is also being undertaken by us, in case the client has its own team for managing the process other than optimization of drilling fluid performance during drilling.

End to end project management of drilling fluids

We undertake providing consultancy services for drilling fluids as a complete package ranging from how to manage warehouse stretching but not limited to backload and reconditioning of mud, all in a manner which has an inbuilt factor of cost-optimization, be in terms of time saving, stripping of unwanted component of mud, if any. The planning starts from receiving mud from previous well (not a part of our consultancy service ) to transporting mud from last well being consulted by us. It is a linked process where every step compliments the next step in terms of efficient utilization of resources.

Repairing/servicing og mud lab testing requipment

We provide services fir repairing of comminly used mud lab testing equipment, like Roller Oven, HTHP F/L apparatus 6 speed Rheometer, to name few.

suggest optimum cement slurry design for various jobs

Last but not the least, we do have enough expertise to suggest optimum cement slurry design for various jobs, but to begin with we do not have the laboratory facilities to actually test the same indigenously.

Impart IADC approved training in

  • Advanced mud school for field engineers
  • Cement slurry placement and designing

Apart from it, other courses

  • Basic mud school for beginners as well as petroleum engineers aspiring to make aa career in mud engineering
  • Nanotechnology simplified
  • Deep-water fluids management
  • Managing down-hole losses
  • Natural Gas hydrates - simplistic approach
  • Selection of drilling fluid - systematized
  • Formation damage control and remediation
  • Basic mud engineering for oil field professionals other than from drilling discipline

We strive to elongate the list with the help of valuable feedback from all corners.