Research and development activities

This is one of our string forte and have already developed  two “Knamp” series additives by name

Developed three new products namely

  • Knnamp-16
  • Knnamp 16 plus 
  • Knnamp champ

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Knamp-16 (patent filed, India/3657/MUM / 2015)

Knamp 16 plus

Both the additives are aimed at improving the performance of Non-aqueous mud and are useful in any type of base oil. Both of them not only replace Lime from the formulation, but simultaneously also further improve emulsion strength.

Knamp-16 also provide slightly better control on HTHP F/L but also imparts NIF feature to mud formulation by making it resistant to down-hole losses

The additive “Knamp 16 plus” is a niche product which offers huge advantage to end users by not only eliminating the use of brine solution as internal water phase, but also facilitating the use of sea water. Thus all the hassles associated with use of brine solutions cease to exist. A power point presentation is enclosed here to give a complete picture.

The products have been developed in collaboration with our business partner M/S Amines and Plasticisers, a large and established business unit , who have extended logistics, and commercial support in terms of ground work which has resulted into the final development of the product.

Our biggest strength lies in our vast theoretical knowledge of Chemistry coupled with our equally sound practical experience of managing drilling fluids, both from office and on rig sites.  This added feature is seldom found in many and it enables us to think beyond horizon for solutions of tough challenges. We dare to go that extra mile as we have the urge as well as the capability to serve our clients to a level not visualized by many in the industry.

Our mantra for success is – there is nothing in this world which can be termed as “Waste”.  We believe that anything termed as “waste” is an opportunity in waiting for exploitation by someone who has the vision and courage to create new value added system. Knnamp Enterprise has this unique distinction which is demonstrated by the process of development of products from ingredients of other industry where they could not find utilization. Our future development and research work will also have the reflection of these foot-prints.

We happily offer ourselves to undertake such projects for our clients also.

Currently we are focussing on developing another Knamp series product which, upon completion has a potential to completely change the entire concept of preparing mud! The aim here is to develop a single sack product which when mixed with emulsified base oil and aqueous solution with correct dose of emulsifier, can result into basic mud that can be tailored to any parameter/s later on or can be used as such if hole conditions allow! The focus is to ease the process of mud preparation to an extent that large volume of mud can be prepared in couple of hours which otherwise can take a day or even more. Those who work offshore shall quickly sense the benefit in terms of time saved due to this feature and time saved is directly related to cost saving on all locations generally but especially on ultra-deep water and deep water locations where spread daily cost can run to couple of hundred thousand dollars normally

Our other areas of interest include

  • Developing well-bore clean up package.
  • Developing new base oil from distillates of crude oil.
  • Finding more use of Guargum in drilling fluids formulation

Remarks: Please let us know your specific requirement and we develop solution that works for you, be it new product development or finding new application to existing product

Download our PPT Presentation of Product Knamp 16 plus