The firm Knnamp enterprise is a brain child of Dr. Milap Goud, who has dedicated four decades of his life to contribute positively to the scientific community in his own unique way by promoting thinking process with a touch of being a servant to humanity. An academician at heart and an industrialist by thoughts, has struck balance between both the traits by serving the industry and yet staying rooted to academic fraternity by interacting with institutes at various levels in different capacities.

His professional journey of four decades in oil field is studded with examples of finding unconventional solutions to problems of operations seldom seen/ heard before. A teacher by heart, he has been associated with student community without beating his drums loudly to attract attention or gain popularity. The details of his publications/patent and associated achievements can be viewed in detail on following link

With a group of like-minded fellow-professionals spread over the entire globe willingly agreeing to contribute to the progress of industry by associating with Knnamp enterprise a platform is made available where building a mutually rewarding long term relationship between industry and academic community is of paramount importance, while generating revenue to just enough extent, which helps the company in being self-reliant and thus do not compromise with the ideology of serving the industry.

As a marathon runner and a fund raiser a humble attempt was also made to bring smiles on faces of under-privileged section of society, however modest it may be. Dr. Milap is also a founder of group
“All thinkers’ association” on linkedin with the objective of promoting out of box, unconventional and mind awakening writing where the wings of imaginations are not clipped by hierarchy and structured thought process.

Knnamp enterprise aims at extending support to oil/gas as well as petroleum engineering academic community by sharing the acquired knowledge at a minimum expected compensation to continue to stay afloat and serve the industry. The promoter strongly believes in the principle of TOGETHER-WE GROW.

Dr. Goud is the ONLY oil field professional with

  1. A degree of doctorate in two subjects, Ph. D in Chemistry and the honorary degree of doctorate in " Management" by independent global accreditation body.
  2. Two books published, one each on mud engineering and cement slurry designing
  3. IADC accreditation for " Mud engineering and cement slurry design courses