Dear Patrons

The ever-increasing popularity of Knnamp group has resulted into growth of a section of people who have resorted to unethical business means by sending scrupulous and unacceptable queries from the enquiry form of inquiry form of Knnamp website. Although unlikely but, just to be doubly sure that such queries don’t tarnish the image of Knnamp group, we are reassuring you that Knnamp group deals ONLY in matters relating to oil/gas drilling fluids and cement slurry design. Any other information reaching you all in any form is a result of maligned interest of our competitors who are unable to beat us in fair ways and please ignore them. Thanks. We remain committed to serve genuine customers in professional way with a touch of personal care.

Knnamp Enterprise adding its drop in the ocean of assisting the country to manage activities of national interest as much as possible during lockdown, while still complying to the guidelines of the Government. We guide students online from all over the country to help them complete their internship, which is adversely affected due to restrictions of social distancing and  travel. This will enable all the beneficiaries to fulfil their academic obligation.

Knnamp’s way of contributing to the uninterrupted growth of country

Knnamp Enterprise is now “Knnamp drilling fluids services Pvt. Ltd”, an online PAN INDIA service providing company, effective from 25th July 2020. Registration number 342648

The laid objectives of “Knnamp Enterprise” – Ethical business dealing, making just enough profit to stay afloat and bridging the gap between industry and academic are still the core values deep-rooted and time-tested for “Knnamp” group. On this auspicious occasion my director Mrs. Kusum Goud also joins me in expressing our gratitude to all our clients who have not only shown but retained their faith in our group.

We felt the urge to form the company more as a tool to facilitate closer business / professional ties. The new range of services added are 

Imparting internship to students primarily in the field of Petroleum engineering and to an extent in Chemical engineering

Conducting industrial cum academic courses on various aspects of “E&P” operations in general and “drilling fluids engineering” in specific.

Conducting online webinars / lectures for industry professionals, academic faculty and student community.

Synergising with other companies to support the concept of “Vocal for local” and create a larger platform for Indian companies to get their justified share in business activities

Entering into MOU with academic institutions to have a larger role in academic activities by way of two-way technical exchange partnership/s

We welcome business queries in all the pre-established fields and in above mentioned additional field/s of business activity

Consolidated list of various modules

0 M = Basic mud engineering

1 M = Functions of drilling fluid

2 M = Properties of drilling fluid

3 M = Chemicals use in drilling fluid formulation

4 M = Rheology of drilling fluids

5 M = Types of drilling fluid

6 M = Measuring properties of drilling fluid

7 M = Basic Calculations

8 M = Well-bore stability

9 M = Managing dynamic losses

10 M = Stuck-pipe freeing

11 M = Drilling fluids maintenance during drilling

12 M = Completion fluids

13 M = Deep-water drilling fluids

14 M – HTHP Drilling fluids

15 M = Formation damage control

16 M = Handling contamination



0 C = Types of Oil well cement, setting mechanism, Types of cement jobs

1 C = Basics of cement slurry design (suitable for all drilling field professionals and drilling engineer)

2 C = Details of cement slurry design (suitable for infield cement engineer and lab cement engineers)

3 C = Additives for cement slurry design

4 C = Operational aspects affecting the cement slurry design

5 c = Cement slurry design criteria

6 C = Preparing the well / rig for cement slurry pumping

7 C = QA/QC of cement powder, cement additives, mix water & dry-blending of additives

8 C = HTHP cement slurry design

9 C = Deep-water slurry design

10 C = Cement plug placement, squeezing

11 C = Complications in cement slurry placement jobs

12 C = Cement spacer design

13 C = Lab testing of cement slurry and design finalization

14 C = Basic cementing calculations



0 Misc = Natural Gas hydrates – an overview

1 Misc = Nano-technology

2 Misc = Oil field chemicals

3 MIsc = Surfactants and their applications in oil field with focus on EP operations

4 Misc = cross-industry utilization of chemicals

5 Misc = Rig audit for mud systems’ effectiveness and suitability

6 Misc = Solids management and introduction to solid control equipment